My mom used to tell me when I was a kid that it doesn't matter how do I look on the outside. I thought other people don't care too. I was really different, I still am. In some way. Years have passed as I was getting older. I started going to primary school. I was really excited. I had one friend. She was the best. First 5 years we were inseparable. Then another girl was jealous because she met me with her. Everything changed..

I started going into 6th grade. And I didn't have friends. My bestie was gone, I really couldn't remember how, it's like the other girl told her something. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to. I was alone. And I was only 12. So I started hanging out with some girls from the class, they had a bad influence on me. Al they were mocking and teasing me all the time. I couldn't do aanything. Time passed and thing became worse and worse. They would write ugly things about me. They would scream into my face. They would tell everyone things about me which weren't true. They would post my embarassing pictures on the internet. I was so insecure about everything, I cried daily. I wanted to be someone else. Anybody else. Everyone was so happy at my scchool. And I was the weird girl. They started calling me names. Last thing they told me was about my weight. I was fat. Everyone calles me "fattie", "fat" and other names. I cried. I thought I'm never going to fit in. Well, I did in the 8th grade. I found reaal friends. I was happy. Now I'm in high school. And, I'm still opsessed with my weight. I still cry. And I can't help myself. So, I just want to tell eyerone, think twice before you say something. 

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