Words hurt.

Hi I'm a 16 years old guy. In the class I study in there is a kid who, last year, used to be one of my best friends. This year he began talking with another kid from the class - and they both became against me and began hating me. If it was just hatered it would be less worse, buy they also bully me. A lot.

I'm a funny kid who always jump and a bit hyperactive. They make jokes of me (call me "bimbo" - because I love taking selfies when I'm bored). If it was once it would be more acceptable - but they nonstop doing it! Just everytime they can they make me depressed.

Every day is a new struggle to get to school and trying to get through all of the shit they're throwing at me. It's really difficult and I wish I could make a change. Sadly, there's no way to change it.

The reason I'm writing here is not because I want people to see my story. For some of you it can help by letting you know that you're not the only one. I hope that everyone that reads it will think about his/her action, trying to figure out if they have hurt anyone. And just go and say sorry.

If those 2 kids would sincerely appologize to me, it would make me much much happier.

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