Words Hurt.

People don't understand how hurtful words that come out of their mouth can damage someone emotionally. I have a best friend who came out of the closet two years ago. All of our friends knew he was, but he never admitted it until now. He is literally the wierdest person ever and thats why I love him so much. Everyone, I mean everyone thought he was a creep, but if you got to know him, he is the most joyful person you could ever meet. The reason I love him so much is that he doesn't care about what anyone says about him as long as he's happy surrounded by those who love him.

Nevertheless, I remember a situation that happened not long ago. It was on a rainy day at school during one of our passing periods and this guy had the nerve to say the most ignorant comment about him being gay. You have no idea how much that upset me, but the thing was he wasn't insulting me. Later on that day, I went up to the guy that insulted my friend and I put him in his place where he belonged. When I told my friend that I stood up for him and what the guy had said, my friend told me it didn't bother him. I know deep inside it did, but by the expression in his face it was like he was used to it, used to being called out of his name. I don't think its ever okay for someone to get used to being bullied. Its unacceptable and its absolutely despicable how much words are damaging. I mean bullying in general is horrendous. I encourage everyone to stand up and make a change. If you see someone getting bullied, do something. I know bullying will never completely go away, but its becoming an avid problem that we can change, little by little.



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