Words Do Hurt

For about a week in 7th grade I sat in front of a boy who would call me a "faggot" and kick my chair. The words hurt more than the action, but I never said anything to anyone and just ignored it. When the week came to an end I was super upset and my teacher had realized how upset I looked. She asked me if anything was wrong and that is when I started to cry, while in class, and told her everything that had happened. She had him apologize to me and made sure that we never sat next to each other after that. Later on that day he came up to me and said that he was sorry for kicking my chair. I told him that him kicking my chair wasn't really that bad at all, it was the word he called me. He then told me that he didn't realize how much one word could hurt someone. Later on in high school he continued to apologize and we actually became friends.

The reason that I share this story is because I know how hard it can be to confront people about something that is happening in school. My situation may not be a "worse case scenario , but people are still hurt by the littlest things you do or say. I encourage everyone that has ever been called any names that they didn't like to confront that person and let them know that words do hurt. Even telling a teacher can help as well. Don't bottle emotions up that you feel towards something, because it will just fill up your "emotions bottle" and when someone sees it and then proceeds to bringing it up you will just burst. Whether that be with tears or with words it will more than likely happen. 

By writing some words below, you are showing your support and letting everyone know they're not alone.

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