Why me?

My name is Mike and I am 36. I was bullied through out my entire school years. It all started in kindergarten. I would somehow would play with dolls and the boys would call me a sissy or girl. But that was just the start of it. By the time I was in 7th grade things got a whole lot worse.  I was called gay, fag, homo, Michelle. And then the physical abuse was starting. In 9th grade it was really hard. One day back in April of 1994. It just started to warm up and the snow was melting. I was walking to school and I started to get into the parking lot. A group of guys started to bully me. One had a 4x4 truck. Well as I was trying to walk way quickly. He got into his truck backup got into the mud/snow spun his tires and it covered my back from head to toe. I went into the High School with kids laughing and pointing. I told the principal then he asked who did this. I told him I did not know. The principal told me that he wouldn't do nothing because I didn't know the persons name. I felt that was the end. I wanted to just say I don't care. I really did not want to live anymore. But you know I was not going to allow someone to bully me. So, I went back to school and finally graduated from High School. 

There is a lot more stories I can tell you. But my advice is for you to stay STRONG. You can't allow bullies to win. You have people out there now a days that will help you. Back when all this was happen to me I had no support besides my mom. My mom loved me and she helped as best as she could. You have that support. There is support groups and there are people who love you. You have to let someone know. Just remember this. You are you. It doesn't matter who you are if your gay, lesbian, fat, mental/physical. You are you!!! Be PROUD. You know I love this song. Its called "I get knocked down and I get up again by Tubthumping." What that  means is I will get knocked down. But I will get back up and NO ONE is going to keep me down. Remember that. I know that its hard. But keep that positive going. Remember there are organizations that are there to help you. I believe in you. Because you are important and loved by everyone!! 

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