Why I Want to Be the Change

When I was in 5th grade, I was actually bullied by a teacher. At first she didn't have any problems with me, but then she found out that my parents were gay. Once she found out, she started acting differently toward me. There was a girl in class who would pick on me and then run sobbing to her saying that I was picking on her, and Mrs. T would believe her every time. There's one incident of Mrs. T's prejudice that really sticks out in my mind seven years later. One day when I said something particularly smart she remarked, "Your father must be very smart." Right. Because God forbid my mother taught me anything.
Anyway, the past is behind me now. I learned how to stand up for myself and bullies didn't bother me too often after 5th grade. The reason why I will never ever forget this once instance of a teacher bullying a student is that I am going to be a teacher someday. Obviously I would never bully a student, but if a student comes to me in confidence and says that another teacher is making their life difficult, you best believe I'll be looking into it. Miss Schave is not going to have any bullies in her classroom if she can help it. 

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