Why do Bullies Bully?

  Before I write this story, I want you to know that I'm the same guy who wrote the story "I Don't Understand/ Thank you BULLY and who ever created thebullyproject"

  Have you ever thought why kids bully others? 

  I think bullies bully other kids because they are extremly poor and can't afford a home, or was raised terribly by his or her parents, or  they may have been bullied before and take out there anger on other kids. 

  But there's other ways like if there rich, or they wan't to look cool, or want to make kids feel bad about themselves for no particular reason at all.

  There's all kinds of ways that kids do such things.

  That's why next time when you see a bully that's doing something mean to someone or you are getting bullied, make sure to reason with the bully. Try and find the sorace of they're hatred. That will definitely make a diffference in the bully. A BIG one. 

  However, if you know that they are rich or is just plane cruel, then use your words and punch them if you have to. (But only if they punch you first or if the bully is punching a victim.)

  At least 95% of bullies are not ALL mean. (The 5% are rich or just plain mean.) There is good inside them. It's just all filled up with anger and don't know what to do with it but let it out in yelling or punching. They may not know any better, if they were raised badly or mad because they lost there homes.

  Just remember, bullies are not all mean and rude. There is good inside them. It's just not open yet unless someone makes a difference In them. It will change there lives. Forever. In a good way.


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