Who knew a little mark on your face could cause so much harm?

-5th Grade

  • I don’t remember how I started being bullied- all I remember was that I was called fat, ugly, a guy, and nicknamed “moley” for the mole I have on my face.


-6th Grade

  • Things start getting progressively worse, people would shove me into lockers and continue with calling me “moley.”
  • No one stands up for me…teachers ignore the kids picking on me. I tell no one in my family of my issues at school.


-7th Grade

  • Things get even worse… I have a cell phone now, so I begin to receive anonymous phone calls- being called a loser, ugly, fat, and “moley” again.
  • I tried standing up for myself a few times- I was just laughed at and made fun of more. Still, no one tries to stand up for me.


-8th Grade

  • The worst is here… I get a “formspring” and receive extrememly nasty comments about my looks, personality, weight, etc.
  • I keep receiving blocked calls that make fun of me.
  • In the lunchroom while the teachers shut off the lights (to try and get the kids to be quiet) people would throw things at me and call me names.
  • I attempt to change my phone number…the kids find my number and begin “prank-calling” me daily again.
  • I hear a guidance counselor making fun of what I said to her.
  • I had fallouts with many of my friends…I had no one to talk to.
  • My boyfriend broke up with me after dating for awhile. He also began calling me fat, ugly, pathetic, and even told me I should commit suicide a few times.
  • I attempt to change my number- I am still getting the blocked calls.
  • I am failing many classes in school.
  • I skip school as often as I can.
  • All I want to do is sleep and cry- I have no appetite and begin to lose desire to live.
  • I start seeing a psychologist- I am diagnosed with severe depression and prescribed to an anti-depressant.
  • The name calling still doesn’t stop.
  • I turn to cutting myself as a way to express my emotions.
  • The phone calls are getting worse- we get the police involved to track down

                  who is calling me and try to make them stop… it works for a little. I begin             receiving text messages of the same manner (name-calling). I change my phone    number again and block almost every kid in my middle school’s number

  • My mom decides to send me to mercy… I hate it at first and scared that I won’t make any friends. I was wrong, of course. I have made friends here that will last a lifetime and beyond and have established relationships that have helped me get through the hurt of my middle school years 

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