Where it all started

Well ... This is my first Story i have ever made here but ill try my best and here we go!
My life started off pretty good. No drama, Nothing but Joy, and happiness..I loved school!When i was in elementary called "Dowey School" I was all focused into school work. I had alot of friends! I thought to myself.."Hey maybe Middle school is the same!" But when it was the end of elementary school year, i was excited to go to middle school. Ever months went by..school started. I was ready happy to meet new things that might come ahead. New people new classes. I notice in middle school that its way different then elementary . I was the nerd in middle school. Thats where it all started. People saw me weak, and they think its cool to bug me, to boss me around..Well its not cool. This has been going on Every week. I had to stop this.. I told my mom and dad and they Called the school ASAP! (right away!) My principle talked to the bullies about the situation. And you know what? im happy to say it stopped. Im glad they stopped and im glad i told somebody. Tell somebody.

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