Where did my brother go?

On November 2nd, 2012 my older brother, Andrew P. Roach (of 19y/o), committed suicide. He was depressed and put further down by bullies. Throughout his middle school career we lived in a town where you had to fit in perfectly. He constantly came home with problems, he got a black eye in 8th grade from a student on the bus. He was shoved throughout the day and called names such as fag, faggot, bitch, and others. He's gone now, and it isn't fair. We need to take a stand against bullying and stop this. <3

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  • Marianne Manilov
    commented 2013-03-26 13:27:29 -0400
    Thank you Lauren for sharing your story about your brother, Andrew. I am so sorry for your loss. Although nothing can replace your brother, I am thankful for you being willing to volunteer and to take this pain and use it to help others. We will be having volunteer calls soon and I’m wondering if you use both Facebook and twitter and if you are still in school and if so in what grade. Please write to me and let me know.—Marianne for the Bully Project