When will it end!!

This is something we wrote to the NEWS, Attorney general's office- We will NOT stop till something is done!!

I am writing today to inform you have the physical/emotional abuse that is going on at Westgate Middle School located at 810 West 8th Street, East Liverpool Ohio 43920. With much respect to our School District I am is disgust with the School Board (particularly)the school Principal Mrs. Carole Sutton she is new to this school this year and has had number complaints about bullying NONE of which have been reported. My daughter is 11 years old her Name is Alyse Lovett she is a honor roll student and a very well behaved little girl she is active in cheerleading and our local church she loves her family and pets and have an outpouring number of friends but since this school year has started she has been physically and emotionally abused by two girls that she attends school with. Alyse has had her head smashed against the bus window (which no one saw) supposedly, she has been belittled by the school principal being told that (kids will be kids) the two girls doing the bullying are constantly calling her names that (adult's should never even say)I hate that we had to bring it this far but we have contacted the bus driver who has been amazing at trying to help us, also the Superintendent said he would take care of the issue BUT still nothing has been done, if nothing it's only gotten worse, The school counselor said she has spoken to all involved and that it should be okay now BUT it's only gotten worse, My daughter is now terrified to go to school and speak to ANY ADULT there because she feels as if shes going to get tortured or beat up even more then she has already, Mrs. Sutton has belittled Alyse numerous times and basically has blown this entire situation under the rug. I need some guidance and telling me what else I can do. I have made police reports and even called the kids Parents that are involved but nothing seems to work, I even had Alyse moved to the front of the bus right behind the bus driver and also moved away from these girls in class but they still seem to find her in the hall ways or during lunch. I feel that NO CHILD should ever have to live in fear of going to school and being scared to talk to any adult that is there to help them. My daughter has went to the principal and when she did the principal turned the story around asking Alyse how many beds and bed rooms were in our home and how many people lived with us(not sure what that is supposed to have anything to do with the bullying) I asked Mrs. Sutton about it and she said she was just trying to get to know Alyse I was offended, we live in a very nice home and we have no concerns, other then Mrs. Suttos failure to keep our kids safe that go to her school. Please help me to find a solution, if even a letter of recommendations could be sent to that school, just something for a little relief for my daughter. I am not the only concerned family of issues at that school there is sexual harassment going on with other kids and a another little girl has been taken out of that school and enrolled at a home based school because of being sexually harassed by another student and Mrs. Sutton (the school Principal told the mother she would do what she could well obviously there was nothing that could be done because the other little girl had to be moved out of the school. So sorry it has come to this and Thanks so much for your time.

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