When it's more then just name calling.

My daughter wasn't just getting called names by the other children, she was getting physically hit.  I complained to the school principal, the superintendent and school board members to no avail.  Then it happened there was only two weeks left of school and the boy who had been hitting her since 2nd grade tripped her hard enough that she ripped open not only the knee of her jean, but her knee as well.  I knew as usual the school would do nothing, especially since I had notified them that my daughter would be going to another school (in our district) the following year. 

So when my daughter got home from school and told me what happened I took her butt down to the police department and I filled a complaint.  This way I was certain the boys parents would find out, I don't think our principal ever told the boys parents.  The police told me they really couldn't do anything because of the boys age.  I told the officer that I just wanted it on file and for someone to talk to the boy's parents and I also wanted it on file in case this boy hurt her again since they would eventually be in school together again.

That boy has never touched my daughter since I did that.  This pretty much confirmed what I already knew, the principal wasn't talking to that boys parents.

I've learned that going to the police won't solve anything, but they will talk to the other kid involved and it will stay on file so if someone else complains about the same child, they will already have a heads up as to what they are dealing with!

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