When i was bullied & when i was a bully

I have  been bullied so many times by mostly everyone. But they haven't even noticed. A lot of the people call me fat. I know it's true but it doesn't mean they have to rub it in my face. I used to cry a lot but now it has zero importance to me because thanks to them i have only gotten stronger not weaker. All i do now is show them i don't care by ignoring them. Another time is when the used to make fun of my face saying really mean things i prefer not to say.......... Another time was on the bus when this kid used to punch me like everyday and would call me fat and said i was a "pinata", until i got tired of it! and and took it to the principle. She took care of it and thanks to me speaking up i'm better now.......... My mom always tells me if someone bully's me i have to take it straight to an adult but to especially tell her first. 
I have also bullied people without knowing and honestly it doesn't feel good.  I'm not a mean person or a bully but i have talked bad about people behind their back and said mean words back but it was only because this girl named Norma Vara had called me a "fat cow" and i told her that she looked deformed and that it looked like a tractor ran over her face. Afterwards i honestly felt soooooooooo bad and guilty! She  said sorry and so did i . Now i have learned my lesson on not talking bad about people because it's bad and does you no good. Once you grow up everything you have done you will eventually regret it....................

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