Wasted Space.

Life isn't always easy, and believe me neither is being alive... Being in elemntary school, i had trouble living normally. I had been abused at 11, and went to class every day. I held my head up for minimum time, and as soon as i got the chance. I went to wonderland.

Middle School: Open Target

- - - - - - - - - - 

Being called names, as much as we don't like to admit, does hurt. Many names are out there... Slut, whore, fake, and more for girls. Gay, man-whore,  jerk, prick, for boys... See, the terms i use i heard more than felt. Emo, goth, punk, lonely, cutter, freak, weird, retard... Those are my most memorable names. I hated them. This was all middle school until i was told by my mother, i was leaving to go away. I left Noe Middle School in 8th grade, and left to get some help.


High School Hell

My first year of High School, i left 20 friends and 3 best friends. Went to a school i knew for its careless attitude in students, but i couldn't see at first. It eventually grew obvious... " This boy.. He is touching me when i told him to never touch me. He keeps grabbing me..." i thought constantly, and always fled from him. Rumors filled my ears at lunch, tears licked my cheeks on the bus... People threw trash and told me to screw off. I felt like trash... Like wasted space of the human population... 


I knew my copping skills, i talked to my therapist, and i'm still good. I'm still a freshman, my year is better. 

If you ever feel horrid, left out, or even worse to the point of vanishing like water vapor... Please ask a school authority for help, or ask your parents. ( School is Parents or home is problem/ Parents if others are problems/ or 911 if its unbearable) 


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