Wake up bystanders!

I was bullied a lot in primary school and now even in middle school. I thought I was a fun loving, bubbly and happy person, but that all changed. I found my self getting really annoyed at little things, I couldn't sleep at night, and I couldn't find anything to make me happy. I was always told that I was fat, and ugly, and stupid. That all lead to depression at the age of 10. My friends would just stand there and do nothing about it. In middle school people always looked at me and laughed, and they whispered to each other every time they saw me. I felt like a loser, I felt worthless and helpless, Again, my friends just stood there. That left me thinking......"Are these people really my friends?"

That question was in my head for a long time. A few weeks later my friend started getting bullied, and i stood there watching these people tease her, I didn't know what to say or do, so I just stood there. Then I realised that I was doing  what my friends were doing to me, I was being a bystander and watching her get bullied. Then I realised..... I hated it when no-body stood up for me, so its time that i stand up for my friend. I told my teacher on the bully, but she didnt do anything, so I went up to the bully and said, "You need to stop. Stop hurting me and my friends, Just because you want to make yourself feel good by hurting other people, doesn't mean you can. Just leave us alone."

That was it. One sentence. The bully now knew that I was strong enough to stand up to her, she stopped picking on me and my friends.

Note to all bystanders: think about it, don't just stand there. what if that was you, what if you were the one getting bullied and your friends were just standing there.


think about it. Please

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