I was bullied myself. I was a depressed kid. The 'emo' one who always stood out. I was an easy target because I took everything to heart. I was a cutter, and I still am. Everyone knew how emotionally weak i was and it made my life hell every day. Every day, kids would come up to me to mock me- "Oh no! I have no friends! I'm gonna go cut myself!." There would be kids in the hall that would slap my cuts on my arms and say "Oh sorry, did that hurt or is that just 'The pain you feel inside' showing on your face?"

I saw myself as overweight. Whether or not I am or not is up to anyone. People tell me all the time that I am. But at the same time, people have said I'm not. I had an eating disorder, E.D.N.O.S (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.) Mine, in particular was a mixture of anorexia and bulemia. After lunch I'd get picked on "Oh hold on guys, Taylor has to go puke." or "Hey, Taylor ate today, maybe she's just accpeted being fat."

I had other differences too. I was a toe-walker. And i never talked to anybody. I'm was in all honors classes so that made me a nerd. People picked on me for anything they could.  One day, on my way home from school, I was walking alone and the boy who had been bullying me showed up. He ran up behind me and beat me with a fallen tree branch that he had found.

That night, my mom came home and saw the big bloody welt on the back of my leg and she called the cops and filed a report on the kid who had done it. I didnt want her to, because I prefer not to make a big deal out of things, but she did. So the next day him and a bunch of his friends called me a snitch and everything else they could think of. His girl friends stopped talking to me like girls do. It was awful.

I still get picked on, to this day. I still have my eating disorder and I still get called 'emo' and 'goth' and all kinds of things. I don't want this for myself or ANYONE else. Bullying needs to stop


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