Up from here.

 I was born with a form of muscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie-Tooth. All throughout elementary school this disease caused me to walk almost on the very tips of my toes. Everyday I was picked on for being different. I was called freak, bird legs, I was laughed at and even physically hurt by other kids. This was all over something I had no control over.

 One day I was so excited in school because I had gotten news that I was able to get the corrective surgery so I would be able to walk normal, like everyone else. But that didn't change anyone's views on me at all. I had told this girl Alyssa about the news because she ridiculed me the most and I thought she'd stop if she knew i'd be "normal". When told she asked why I was talking to her and the pushed me to the ground. She sat on my chest and snapped a rubber band all over my face until I bled. I was only 11 years old.

 Finally when I had gotten my surgery and had recovered after 6 months, I cam back to school. Everyone stopped picking on me because I was no longer different. It was a good feeling to be accepted after 7 years of torment and bullying.

With a smile,I just thought to myself that day, " I can only go up from here."

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