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“We can control what goes on inside those walls, inside the school. The atmosphere has to be set completely by all the administration. They’re all part of the school system and they’re there to protect the kids, and if they don’t, this is what happens. He had a target on his back, everybody knew that.”

BULLY reflects many of the challenges faced by all members of the school community, from bus drivers to teachers to administrators, when it comes to handling bullying. Many of us are still learning how to recognize and effectively respond to bullying in school, online and in our communities. Many school faculty members may not be trained to recognize the range of bullying behaviors, others may not feel equipped to effectively intervene. Some may feel that even if they do intervene, they will not be supported by their administrators. They may think their actions won’t make a difference, particularly in schools where bullying is pervasive or the attitude is “it’s just kids being kids.”

Two-thirds of middle school faculty and staff report frequently witnessing bullying in their schools. Nonetheless, one-third of middle school students report feeling that school staff do not do enough to prevent bullying.
In the best schools, every adult, no matter what the position or job title, recognizes and accepts the responsibility of role model and educator. In these environments, every adult takes the matter of bullying seriously, and sees it as a responsibility to prevent it when possible and intervene if it arises. In these schools, adults have been equipped with the tools to respond in a way that will effectively protect and support the target, and provide consequences for the bully, and all members of the school community feel empowered to stand up to bullying when they witness it.

Here are some ways YOU can STOP BULLYING and SPEAK UP!

  • Download the free BULLY viewing facilitation guide to kick off a powerful conversation about bullying in your school and community.
  • Sign the Principals’ Pledge
  • Bring BULLY to YOUR school: find out more about how to Plan A SCREENING in your district.
  • Model positive behavior in your school by treating others with respect and empathy, and intervening when you see bullying behavior.
  • Share YOUR STORY with other members of the BULLY community.
  • Learn more about how to promote SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING in your school district.