To you

To You

To you I am different,
To you I am strange,
I may be different, but I have a name.

To you I am silly,
To you I am sweet,
I am so glad, we got to meet.

To you I am a lucky fin,
To you I am autism,
To you, I can be a good friend.




Hi, I am Mike. I am 9 years old and I wrote this poem. I am different and that is okay. I was born with a lucky fin and people laugh at it. Adults and kids call me retarded and push me. They say mean things because they think somebody like me can't understand them. I hear everything they say and I feel every time they push me. Sometimes it is hard to get my words out, so the bully hurts me because they know it is hard for me to tell. My brain doesn't always let the words out of my mouth. I have autism.  I know bullies are afraid to be different, they are scared. One day the bullies will know it is okay to be who they are and they won't be so angry anymore.  One day I will be a friend and they will know it is okay.


You see me every day.
Sometimes you pass by, sometimes you stay.

You stay to hurt me,
Your words try to break me.

I like school less and less,
I wish you never started this mess.

Today is the day I find my voice,
I am here to give you a choice.

You can be kind,
Become a good friend of mine.

Let's say goodbye to being a bully.

--Mike Collins

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