To anyone is being bullied through the internet, e-mails or through mobile phones

If anyone is being bullied or harassed through mobile phone bullying, cyberbullying and e-mail bullying, there are methods that can be used to prevent this from occurring

If you own a smart phone with android software, you can purchase or even download tablet security software, this software usually has call blocking and text message blocking facilities, all you need to do is add the number that is sending you offensive text messages and tick the block call and block text message button. If you don't have a smart phone, and you are receiving offensive text messages then you need to change your mobile phone number, and to prevent this from occurring again in the future, make sure you only give your mobile phone number to people you know and trust.

If you are being cyber bullied through Facebook or Twitter, the best way to stop bullying through social network sites is to identify the person who is bullying you and block them immediately and report them to the social network site, this sends a clear message that it is not acceptable and you will not stand for it. If the cyber bully then signs up to Facebook or Twitter with a different alias, and starts bullying and harassing you again, try blocking them again, if this persists the best advice I can give is to shut down your Facebook or Twitter account. Think about it, bullies can't cyber bully you if you don't have a profile on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are receiving offensive or bullying e-mails, there are measures that can be taken to prevent this from occurring, the first and most obvious measure is to change your e-mail address and only give the new e-mail address to people who you know and trust. If you are reluctant to do that there are other measures that can be taken, you can usually select an option in the e-mail software you are using to send any e-mails from a certain e-mail address directly to the recycle bin so you don't have to read them, before taking one of these two measures make sure you report the bullying e-mails to your broadband service provider and the Police, this will clearly send a message that this sort of behavior is not acceptable and will also send a very clear message that you will not stand for this or tolerate this.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone who is being bullied, or harassed through e-mail, text messages, or through social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Please don't stand for this sort of bullying, it is not acceptable, stand up to bullies, speak up and fight back!!!

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