This was in middle school.

I am 25 now but this still haunts me because I didn't do anything about being bullied back then.

Here's my story. I just came from the Philippines  I was a scrawny and sheltered eleven year old kid who started 7th grade. I was a happy and energetic kid. 7th and 8th grade was hell because of these two kids, Jason and Kid B (I forgot his name). These kids pretty much talked down on me often, and threatened me if I didn't let them copy my homework or do something they want me to do. I hated it. I even hated myself more for lieing to the teacher when he came up to me and Kid B asking "Is everything alright here?". I stayed silent while Kid B says to him "Everything is alright, Sir" when in fact he was forcing me to get him lunch by keeping my bookbag ransom before the teacher walked at us.

Things weren't okay. I kind of wished the Teacher looked into the matter more instead of just asking. That would have made a huge difference.

This other kid, Jason, just cursed and talked down on me a lot. I hated it. Belittling me. I couldn't talk back because my English was horrible at the time. Whatever I said was put against me. I wish I had said and done something like talked to a teacher/ guidance/ principal or more over, my parents about it.

Actually, there's also this one Spanish person during my freshman year in HS. He always wanted to copy my homework. If I didn't let him, he'd threaten me like "I'll wait for you after school". The teacher would separate us or would point at him to tell him to stop but I regretted NOT directly speaking up and standing up for myself. I never did until after High School.

Now, I am 25. Good looking, fit, and smart. I have spent most of my days reflecting on my actions and thinking about how I could be better. Whenever I feel that I am being talked down to or felt like I am about to get bullied, I "try" not to stay quiet and act.

I try not to neglect those who were or are just like me; I try not to neglect myself.

This is my story.

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