This Has To Stop!

As a 13 year old, I see myself in the past scared and frightened because of people picking on me for no reason,And the joke "You're fat nobody likes you" and being punched pushed and shoved... I've had suicidal thoughts but I always thought to myself....I can't give up now..People love me I can't let them down. And in 2010 My Father died, It was a awful experience for me and that was the trigger for me gaining alot of weight within one year,In six grade these two girls interrupted our classes learning session. They skipped their class and walked into ours they were 7th or 8th graders. And one of the girls threatened me to get out of the seat and I stood my ground saying "No" So she threw a pencil at me but it missed and hit my friend in the eye, then she pushed me I got up and then she pushed me again I pushed her back then the fight happened I didn't hit her.. I tried to get her off me, And my 6 grade math teacher made jokes and the whole classed laughed at me. And during elementary school I was called gay and I was also picked on by me OWN teachers too. But after 7th grade I stood up for myself and I am willing to help any child during bullying.
My Name is Tyrell Webb I'm 13 going on to ninth grade

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