they say nothing is happening

I have been bullied three years now since middle school. on 7th grade I felt like I didnt belong, every single one of the people on my class had a group of friends they sit together at lunch, they went out on the weekends, meanwhile I sat alone on the lunch area, the only thing I did on the weekends was watch TV and play with my dog (many time I felt like the only one I could count on was him my dog, an animal). On Mondays I constantly tried to make my parents let me stay on the house so I didnt have to see the kids at school. At school I constantly felt the whispering behind my back, the silent chuckles when I enter the room, the very annoying stares, that say I’m just waiting for you to fail so I can humiliate you in front of the whole class. finally at the end of the year I had an emotional breakdown in the middle of my English class because one of the boys pushed me out of the line to check my work and said I’m first, he didnt even look at me when he pushed me he just did. finally the year ended, but not the nightmare, the next  year I thought that for a chance everything was going to be different but it didnt it got worse the only thing the people in my class look for me to was for classwork’s  that  I was good on or if I had something new they liked. that year I became friends with  the my best friend today, because both of us were being rejected and the only way we could feel better was by using our art skills, I met  him on the art room where I spent most of my time in 8th grade but even though I find my best rind there I only saw him 20 to 30 minutes every recess the rest of the time I was with people who ignore me and used me, every time I tried to change to be accepted they asked for something more so I got tierd of changing and stay myself, after a while they started to insult me and make fun of in front of the teacher, they didnt say anything they sometimes even laugh, my parents went to talk to the principal, to the psychologist, my teachers they always said they would do something but they didnt. finally this year I found group of friends that help me stand up for myself and stop this eventhogh it still bothers me that they laugh at my back but I ignore it and I know that the only thing that matters is how I feel about myself and that I no longer going to be affected by this, they only do this because I have many things they don’t have and that bothers them not me.

maria isabel londono

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