There Once Was A Girl Called Nameless

There once was a girl called nameless who was always the one everybody picked on. Of course, she was called a lot of other names; Fat... Slut..... Whore.... Lesbo.... Whale..... Brat..... Special...... and so many words that she can't ever repeat. It was the seventh grade that started it all. It was the bus. No one should be afraid to go to school in the morning or to be taken home. It would be a miracle if they only bullied her verbally. They're names were Abuse, Guilt, Coldheart, and Folower. The boys would always blow in nameless' blonde hair and spray cologne on her even though they knew she was allergic. They used to throw pieces of paper, old science projects, and even parts of the bus seat at her, just to say more insults to her. If she tried to sit in the very back of the bus, they would just try to trip her and harrase her even more. The worst part about Nameless' situation is that the bus driver saw and didn't do anything about it. When she told the vice principle, he just gave them detention and they would come back worse than ever. Eighth grade came around and Nameless went on the bus on the first day of school. as soon as she stepped on the bus, everyone burst into laughter. She tought how she could make it stop. She had stood up to them and they kept going; she told an adult and they didn't do anything. She even tried keeping a journal.

      May 11th, 2012

      I really don't know what is wrong with me. sometimes i think that the world would be a better place if i didn't exist. Everyone hates me. I hate me. I keep all of my emotions bottled up and i just want to expolde. But no one wants to hear me.

Ninth grade has come along and they have finally forgotten about me. Now, I am no longer known as Nameless, I am known as Victim and Survivor. But Now that my story has ended, someone else's is sadly beginning.....                                                      -------------------------------------------------------------------- There once was a boy called Nameless..... 

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