The Year My son lost His Smile

My son vincent is a bright red headed very willful child full of of spirit and eager o learn about how things work in the world. Vincent is 7 and in second grade. Vincent is autistic, he has Aspegers. 

  His life changed so much this year. his bully started last year with two children both special needs themse;lves but not autistic. At the end of first grade we finally were lucky enough to see one of those boys leave.

  Here comes the start of second grade, happy ready to start a new year. Two weeks into the new year, it starts all over. The taunting, the shunning, the physical pushing, hitting, throwing of cedar. Everytime my son tried to play with his then best friend, thias boy verbally or physically attacked him.

 The district got this boy a one to one, still no good. My son ended up in the hospital with severe stomach pain the first time for three days. No physicals finsings except stress due to his autism and the bullying.

  Back to school more meetings, it was calm for a while and then it started it up again. Vincent told me at 7 tat he wanted to die because of this boy. his life would never be the same. He was nothing just like the boy said. he was not funny like the boy said and so on. So, now my son was on crisis watch but Astor childrens and this child remains in the classroom happy and doing his thing.

  Twon days later the child tells me son hes going to kill him, then laughs and says hes kidding.  two days after that my sons is in Westchestr Medical Center for six days with massive stomach pains, an NG tube is his nose, iv fluids no food for 6 days an endoscopic and colonscopy procedure done with several biopsies.  My son suffered tremendously and he looked so sad and so lost. he had to go to school every day and face this and not be happy ontop of realizing that he was different from other children.  Finally after sevral talks last month, the district removed the child from his class and OMG no more stomach pains imagine that!

  This is so ridiculous that it has to come to a child suffering so much physical and mental pain beofre anything happens. What would the district have said if my son really did leave this world so early. thank God we are very intune parents and called crisis on him at his early age. Thank God Astoer  did not take it laightly. Now my son is slowly starting to smile again. he has stopped hurting himself so much at home, his head banging is calming down and his scratchinbg of his face and arms is also calming down. That too started when the bullying did. thank God for people like you, who do these projects. Bullying is not part of growing up. It has gone way too far now. parents need to take charge of theirchildren and realize that their childrens words and actions can hurt and can kill others.

   Dawnmarie nasi

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