The worst Valentine's Day EVER...

I have been a victim of cruel and harsh bullying from 6th to 8th grade and if I hadn't of moved to a different state after 8th grade the bullies and bullying would have followed me to high school! There are ALLOT of stories I could tell, but the one that I can't and mostly likely will never forget is what happened to me on Valentine's day my 7th grade year...I went to school like normal, headed to where all my "friends" were sitting like I always did before school started. Walked over to my friend Candy to say HI, this girl, Sarah comes up to me and says, "Hey ass face no one wants you here! Go home!", of course me being me she scared me to death so I left them alone. I just sat by myself a few feet away from them, apparently that wasn't far enough though. Sarah came over to me, told me to stand up; I did and the next thing I knew I was on the ground again, my face was bleeding and I was very out of breath! I had never gotten physically assaulted until that very second! But it didn't stop there, since I didn't get back up fast enough for them, this random guy comes over, picks me up and throws me in the boys bathroom dumpster! I have been thrown into that dumpster so many times before I could have put an address on it!! After that the day was pretty quiet other than my usual name callings by some other people.  Got on the bus after school and I get called "rat face" by someone else and once the bus takes off I get random crap thrown at me, you name it: ABC gum, trash, toilet paper, shoes, books, pencils, pens, a cell phone. They threw anything and everything they could find and when they ran out of crap they asked the bus driver if he had anything they could throw at me!! It was a good thing my stop was always first!

I have always thought to myself why I didn't become a bully myself after going through all that for 3 years. My answer is always the same, it's not who I am! I've always been the peace maker type, always trying to figure out the nicer way to handle things, that's why I created my Facebook page! it's my way of getting back at the bullies by saying they helped make me a better person! Feel free and check out my page if you want!!

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