The Ugly Duck

When I'm on my 5 to 6th grade, i don't know when it start or who the one that started it, suddenly all the boys on my class fell disgusted by me. If they accidentally touch me, they will scream and running and pass my trace to other boys and they all running around while saying something that included disgust, plague, my name and other stuff. As a kid with working mom, i can't tell my parents how i feel, i always cried at night to remember that i will go to school again tomorrow. I have friend though, girl friend that always play with me. There 7 on us. My friends always tell me to fight back and stand up to myself. When i arrive at the school, i don't put my bag on my chair yet until the bell ringing, because all the boys is in the front of class, so i don't want they start running because my appearance, so i play with my friends with my bag on me. When on Junior high, some of the boys have the same school with me, they still act like that, but fortunately not every people follow them. This event have a big influence of my life, because i never felt pretty or at least normal, i have a very low esteem. I have believe that no one will ever like me or i don't ever dream that i could marry someone or to be loved.

But now it all change, even with a lot of drama and emotional war, now I'm happily married and a mom of one adorable child, i have husband that love me no matter what. He love me with all my flaws. With all that experience, i promise not to let my child or anyone will ever felt the same i do.


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