The torture of the 6th grade...

My name is Camilla Marie.
I'm now 16, soon 17 years old.
I'm from Norway, Ålesund.

I moved to Sykkylven in May 2008 (end of 4th grade), and that is when my challenges and basically all my down trips stared. In 6th grade I was bullied by all my classmates, and some people from two other classes. Everyday for that whole year, I just wanted to stay home because of theses people were saying so many mean stuff about me.. like that I belonged to the garbage, and that I should go back home where I came from (the garbage truck). 

So everyday, for a whole year I would just stand there and listen to everything they said to me, while laughing at me.
Even sometimes in class, this one guy would put some tape on his face and make it look like a pig, and then he told everybody that he looked like me. 
I tried my best to ignore it, but the feeling I got after he said that wasn't so great. So I left class so they could stand there and laugh at me.
My teachers saw and heard everything, but didn't do anything. So I decided to tell the principal instead, and she took care of it. The boy who stared the bulling was relocated to another school the next school year.

I am just as normal as anybody else, so I really don't get why they choose to bully me. What could they possibly accomplish by bullying me?
Hurting my feeling? Making me feel worthless? Making me actually believe that I belonged to the garbage? 
Well, then they accomplished all their goals. 

But there is one thing that they failed to do. They failed in making me believe that nobody wanted me here. Because they do. I got my family who loves me for who I am, and I'm not leaving them behind hurting because of those cowards.In 7th to 10th grade wasn't bullied, but I didn't have any friends either. So I hid from my classmates, and the teachers whenever I could. I sat by my self behind the school where I knew no body would be. That is how I learned that being alone isn't really that bad. Being alone may be lonely sometimes, but it's also better than being bullied.

I am now going to a Norwegian college called Akademiet, and it's a private school. Ever since I started there, I have felt like I actually do belong somewhere. Because the people there include you as a friend. No matter how "weird" or "different" you may seem. They love you because of that.
So my currently classmates have helped me getting back on my feet, and I'm very grateful for that. 
I know they won't see this, but I'd like to thank them for it anyway. I'd also like to thank you guys for this organization, and reading my story. 

Something need to be done with bullying. People keep talking about stoping it, but not everyone actually do anything. It's the ACTIONS that matters, not just the words. 


Thanks again :)

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