the time is defended myself

       Most of my life i was bullied, but in this month there was this kid bullying me. We were in the same after school program because i was a grade older than him. It was around 5o'clock and i was lonely and my friend her cousin was the boy who bullies me. 

      I went over there where my friend and her cousin is, there was alot of kids there because he was "popular". When i walked over there he said "hey there nerd!!!" He calls me that because i wear glasses. I cant help it.

       So i was being all quite because i was very shy when ever i get bullied i don't tell on the person. I'm scared they'll get me back. Anyways he kept saying "why aren't you talking!!"

        So still didn't talk i was standing up while he was saying it. He grabbed a Big, sharp rock and was saying he was going to stab me and he kept doing gestures saying he really was. His friends saying "YEA GO GET HER!!!" i yelled for him to stop. I guess he really didn't understand what that meant. So i ran to my consoler she sat him out and said if he tried doing that again he's going to be kicked out

        I am still bullied , but since then i know i should defend my self.



thanks-be strong, defend your self <3 you



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