the thing with bullying

 hi my name is audrey i am 17 turning 18 in June

in my school there are bully's but we stand against them and tell them we are not afraid of them anymore. but it was not always like that. my story starts wan i first came here. my mom and dad were not together anymore so i was going though a lot at the time. people saw me and they would say hateful things to me and behind my back i was maybe 11 or 12. my first day was not that bad it was the days that followed. at first they just called me names then the girls that were there started to talk to me but they were putting things in my hair when they did that i felt ugly and unwanted to the world but one good thing came out of all that i find my best friends Mary and Jessica they stood up for me and told those girls to leave me alone they did for a few years. then we all got to middle school that's when my home life started to get bad. my mom found a boyfriend but he didn't like me so he and i didn't talk much and wan we did it always hurt me or my mother. that's when i stop really caring about what people though of me i had friends at that time but no one wanted to come over to my house they were afraid of him. but i didn't really care i lost a lot because of him. being bulled at school and at home it can kill you in more ways then one. he would call me stupid and say your not normal you can read or write right your nothing after hearing that come from someone older then me i felt like i was a nobody after that i stop feeling anything. i would tell me mom about what he said to me but she never believed me. at that moment i stopped believing in my mother, i didn't leave my room ever only wan i knew he was not home. i would go to school and happy that all i had to do was be bulled by those kids and not him. i want through all that for 5 or 6 years with thoughts of killing myself. but for some reason wan i would bring myself to do it i couldn't i though of my mom and my sisters and all the people i loved and would one day love but now i fight against bullying for people who are hurt and will be hurting for a long time but there is one thing that i leaned was that all scars heal with time. (PS my mother is very good person she made mistake and she not very happy about she did but at least she knows what she did wrong and made it right. he no longer lives with us and he will not be coming back anytime soon.) :) 

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