The Target

My little girl is all of 7 years old. She has been the target of torment since about 3 weeks into her 1st grade year, on the bus and at school by both what I feel is children and the administration to a point. 60 "behavior slips" (which mind you is the punishment for bad behavior) to seems more that it isn't my child and it is others causing her problems and she acts out (as many of these "behavior slips" had said) to get peer attention. Now why would a child at 7 years old be trying to gain that much attention from her peers? My answer to this was one that not only did the school refuse to hear, but after pulling our daughter out of the school, they basically washed their hands of it and think that we are going to just go away silently. 

Finally after hours of playing 20 questions, myself and my wife got her to open up and really tell us what was going on. Everything started to make sense, and me thinking that I'm a horrible person for not seeing it earlier. The things my daughter told me made me not only cry, but absolutely livid that these types of things are being allowed to be carried on at school. She was getting pushed around by older children on the bus, to people in her class room telling her things that to an adult may seem ridiculous but in the mind of a young person can be detrimental to causing fear. "Bloody Mary" came about after a bunch of kids at her school and on the bus pushed this issue to the point that it took myself and my wife 2 weeks to get her to be able to go to the bathroom on her own, without her screaming in terror that "bloody mary" was going to get her. 

I mean what kind of self loathing person teaches these things to their children. Do they think it is funny that they bring stuff like that to school and can cause other kids to be in complete fear of everything. Its disgusting to me to think that parents let their children walk out the door spouting such hateful things.

I may only be 32 years old, and I know these kinds of things happen, even when I went to school bullying was a problem, I was picked on a lot which made me spiteful of everyone that went there. Even caused me to leave school before my senior year even started cause I had turned 18 just before the year began. I tried another school but after being humiliated for oh say since 5th grade on when I moved out to that school, I lost all motivation to even do anything with my life at that point.

However, I did finish high school eventually, bout 4 years down the road after some trouble with the law I even went to college, then my first born daughter came along.

Seeing her experience things much earlier than I did in my life, I feel it is time that people recognize this as a real actual problem and stop brushing stuff under the rug so to speak. 

This movie depicts things so well it made my heart sink as I thought about my own child and seeing some of those kids go through what they did. Just because they might be a little different, or might be a little hyper should not make them a target of ridicule. 

I will leave with this as my ending statement.

"We are all human everyone makes mistakes, there is nothing that is going to change that. Knowing this, treating each other with respect and showing others a caring hand instead of beating them up physically or emotionally, is what is going to turn this whole thing over on itself and help our society achieve a new level."

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