The story of that girl that's been through so much but has prevailed. Will live.

At the age of 5 I was rapped but till this day I haven't told any of my family members I've told some friends but that's it.

When I  was in elementary school about the 5th grade I was bullied i was called horrible names nobody ever did anything to stop it they would always just continue with the name calling. it was hell honestly it was i hated everything and everybody i was only 10 years old i was just an innoccent child but I didn't tell my mother until it continued onto middle school because honestly I was done with it all I was on the verge of doing something I was gonna regret sooner or later. so it got to the point where I didn't even wanna go to school anymore i was planning on dropping out at the age of 12 i was planning to end it all it was harsh it was terrible I would go to the counselor but even she didn't do anything I always felt sick when I was at school I always went to the nurse's office so she can call my dad I felt home sick I just didn't want to face anybody... Until I found my savior in I think was the middle of 7th and 8thgrade I was depressed for a long while I even started cutting I had stopped eating. 

Luckily the bullying stopped when i entered highschool but thats because i decided i was done with all the crap that i decided on not going to the same high school as everybody from middle school Change was the best possible solution. 

i enrolled at a charter school where I've met some of the greatest people it took time to win their trust but im glad that i changed schools to where nobody knew me im soo glad everybody gave me a chance. that was by far the best decision of my life. 

This is my story and this is where I've gotten to.This is what I've lived.

All I wanna say is when you think it's the end of it and there is no hope theres always that little light of hope telling you it's all going to be okay there's always that angel that is sent to help you. Just when you thought it couldn't get better it does you HAVE TO PREVEIL!!!

Til this point I'm still afraid of bullying but I will prevail. 

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