The smallest have the biggest hearts

Very proud of my sweet little girl Delaney. She told both my wife and I about an incident in class where one boy constantly teases and harrasses a boy who is quiet and has few friends. Well this "bully" decided to mess with quiet boy in front of Laney and her posse. The bully decided that it would be funny that after shy guy finished cutting stuff out for a class project he would help "trim" his clippings....more and more and in half....shy guy was visually upset about it and Laney told bully boy to cut it out. That evening Laney was very upset about this. I told her she really needed to tell the teacher on behalf of shy guy. Lee also sent an email to the teacher.
Yesterday Laney was called to the dean's office to recap what happened after they were told bully boy was now not allowed to go to the zoo trip. When speaking with the Dean she asked Laney if she was "strong" enough to face bully boy. She said "Yes" and the two sat in front of the dean as he recapped that he was only doing it because of his older brother's influence at home and thats why he was acting out (sounds like he heard his parents use this excuse). Laney didnt believe it either.

Here is the kicker, the dean turns to bully boy after this and says "I know you're a good kid and this will not happen can go on the trip".....Well Laney is PISSED!!! Pathetic to give into a bully.

Well Delaney already has indicated she is worried this bully might act out against her now. I told her to watch her back and she went on to say that "My girls have my back, Amelia (her friend that is recovering from Leukemia) said I got your back...." giving the bully the evil eye.

Delaney's crew of girls are all in one group for the trip.....the also invited shy guy to be part of their group (before any of this happened).....

Where did she get this empathy and thoughtfulness from???? she must be making up for my lack.

Everyday i wonder if see the The BULLY Project movie has had that impact....we took them to see it in NYC as soon as it came out. Both girls have now had multiple times where they have stood up for others.

Love my Laney....

Girl Power!

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