I'm a 25 year old german guy and yeah, I was bullied too. It all startet back in the 5th grade. One of my best friends died because of cancer. It was such a hard time for me and I thought it would be the hardest time of my life but it was just the start. He was one of my best friend and I missed him as hell, so I was sad. I guess that was the reason why the started picking up on me. Nearly the whole school called my faggot, cloned girl, sissy and so on. It was the hell on earth for me. I cries so many times at home, didn't wanted to go to school anymore and I was to shy to talk to my parents about it. They knew something was wrong but I only told them little things. I graduated at the age of 15 and was so happy to start a job training and to left school behind me. You need to know, I was going through hell for nearly five years ... another year and I don't know if I would still be here to write this down.

The first year of my job training was great. I was happy, my colleagues were great and I also liked the vocational business school. In the second year of my job training, it started again. I was bullied by some of my colleagues. They treated me like sh**, and I nearly lost all my self-confidence. I tried to ignore it, I needed a job but it was ... the hell ... again. I went sick so much times, I can't even count it. After six years, I left the company without looking back. 

Today? Right now I'm looking for a new job but I'm very optimistic that I'll find a new one soon. Last year I came out as gay. I new it for many years but I was to shy to tell everyone about it. I came out to my familie and my friends, they accepted me the way I am. Well, I don't have a boyfriend yet but hopefully this will change soon too.

I need to say one more thing: I went through hell, I cried for so many times and there are scars on my sould which will never go away - never, but it gets better. Right now I'm looking for some psychological help to get my sh** together and start my very own future. No one can tell me who I am or who I should to be. I am Mike - nothing more and nothing less. I'm just me and I growed up. All this sh** I've been though helped me to grow up. I'm not the toughest person around, I'm not the as happy as I should be but my time will come - I know it!

Btw. I'm sorry but english isn't my native language. I hope you guys will understand what I was trying to say.

Thank you for reading this!

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