The Problem with Bullying

Before I start, I want to tell you I am not in America. My cousin lives there and I'm just a 11 year old kid in Malaysia. But I want to share my cousin's story in bullying and mine too. I'll start with mine first though since its the longest.

It all started with me changing school. My parents thought the teachers weren't good in my old school so I had to go to a completely brand new school and from public school, I was changing to international school so I am skipping a grade. On the first day, I got to meet my classmates and I made friends pretty fast. The school was also brand new so everybody didn't know each other. There was this boy too and he constantly picks on everyone and he still does but he takes all out on me. He calls me lots of things I will censor here and he beats me up. On the second week of school, he tried to strangle me my fingernails were long so when I gripped his arm to get him off me there long scratch marks on his arm and he cried and ratted on me like I was the real bully. The principal didn't believe what I said and scolded me instead. The teachers were pretty mad at him too and one gave him demerit points. The bully tore up the demerit points form and threw it in the teachers face. They suspended him for 2 weeks but when he came back, he didn't change at all and he posted bad things on YouTube about us and he still bullys us.

On my cousins story, her friends and other people in her school bully and tease her because she's Asian. So what if she's Asian! Thats plain racism.

I'm just sharing this story so that you can help my cousin. She's in Pheonix, and I thought I would share my story too. These bullys still bully my cousin and the boy is still bullying me.

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