The Princess and The Kingdom of Creatures

Once upon a time, there lived a little princess. this little princess was a very quiet child. She stayed to herself and never caused nor wanted to bring harm upon anyone. She would wake up for school everyday, kiss her mother, the queen, who was and still is, her best friend and head off to the royal kingdom. But everyday, she dreaded attending this kingdom.


It was filled with witches, warlocks, cyclops, dragons. All these evil scary things that would attack her whenever she would enter. In there, she did not feel like a princess, she hung her head low, eyes stuck to the ground with her beloved books clutched to her chest. As she would walk passed these awful creatures, they would knock her beautiful crown off her head.  They would shout " YOU ARE NO PRINCESS! YOU SMELL! YOU ARE UGLY!"  Instead of sitting in front of the class, she would sit way in the back. Alone. After all, the creatures told her, she smelled horrible. And called her "gay, lesbian" or "she had AIDS"  and no one wanted to be near the kind princess.

After lunch, she sat at a table all by hear lonesome and watched as the creatures devoured her lunch that the queen made for her.

In the bathroom, the girl creatures cornered her, and threw tissue at her, popped her princess bra and laughed and called her gay.

In her class, she was told the most beautiful prince liked her and that she should go speak to him, but when she did....he called her stupid and fat and that no man will ever love her.

The princess lowered her head and retreated back to her seat and cried.

The creatures all watched and laughed.

No one will ever like me. What did I do to deserve this? I haven't done anything wrong, I don't understand. I'm a nice person, why do they hate me? The princess asked herself these things over and over and over again. What did she do? She did nothing but come to the kingdom to learn and make new friends.

No one wanted to be her friend, no one cared. Till one faithful day, the Princess had grown into a beautiful blossoming young lady when she encountered one of the creautres, that was apart of those that tomented her in her past.

" Princess Arabella." he said, bowing to her. This took the princess by surprise, she never remembered him being this kind to her when they were younger. Standing up straight, the princess smiles "Sir Jason, why are you bowing to me now? You never bowed to me in the kingdom, why must you start now?"

Standing upright, Sir Jason, lowers his eyes and states " Princess Arabella, I am sorry for the actions I bestowed upon you when we were younger. Actually, a lot of us are. You see, we all really liked you. I, myself, was very fond of you. I found myself crushing on you, as did a lot of the young creatures. But we followed suit of the high witch of the court who was quite jealous of you. We did not wish to receive the same treatment as you, so we particapted."

The Princess was taken off guard, they all really liked her? But because of one person, they made fun of her because of one girls insecurities and jealousy. From that day forward, the Princess has recived apologies from all the creatures that had caused her pain, expect the head witch. But Princess Arabella doesn't need her to say she is sorry, for the princess has already forgiven her. She now protects those who can not protect themselves. From Princess Arabella to all the little princesses out there, hold you head up high, straighten your crown and do not let anyone knock it off of you. You are a princess. And you will always be one.

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