The people you least expect

I was given a project earlier this year in my college comp class. We were to find a problem within our school or city and create a proposal. I decided to base mine on a new bullying stand down. Every year in my school system we have to take an honor code pledge to not plagiarize and all that good honor code stuff, so why shouldn't we have a similar procedure for bullying? My proposal was effective and many kids in my school have taken a stand against bullying. Shortly after in my photojournalism class we were asked to create a short documentary of our choice. I figured what the heck why not do it on bullying. When I sat down to try to think of people who I knew that experienced bullying, I had trouble. I started to realize that people don't make it public knowledge that they were bullied; they tend to keep the experience to themselves. I went on a hunt and found a couple of people that had been bullied for several different reasons. Through interviews with these friends I found that bullying happens to the people you might never expect it to happen to. It could be that kid you sit next to in biology, or the star football player, or a co-worker, maybe even your best friend. I realized that even I didn't tell people that I was bullied until I thought I could help others take a stand against their bullies. Here's a link to my video.

Please share it with the people you know, or people you don't know. It's not professional or anywhere near the quality that BULLY is, but it's a couple of regular kids taking their stand and sharing their stories and they deserve to be heard too. I encourage everyone to tell their story. I felt better after I told mine!

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