The past 14 years of my life

Lets skip to the interesting bit. 

My parents decided to move the whole family over 100 miles away from my home town when I was 6. New house, new friends, new school.   I Was about 7 when the drama started. I got my first boyfriend. When we kissed he told the teacher and I got yelled at, we broke up after that. People teased me because I wasn't from the small town. I thought they were just harmless jokes at the time but in the last year of primary school people teased me for having a boyfriend so young calling me horrible things which hurt. Being the happy bubbly kid I was at the time I laughed it off and thought no more of it. I didn't even see it as bullying at the time.

In middle school things got worse. I didn't have a boyfriend in the first year of middle school so everyone called me frigid. I felt forced to get a boyfriend so I did. His name was Luke and we dated for a week and in that week people made rumours about us. Apparently we had sex in the disabled toilets at school. This was in year 5. I laughed at them and told them it wasn't true. He broke up with me after hearing the rumour. Towards the end of year 5 I didn't wear make-up, like the others, so people called me a man. I tried so hard to fit in. This bullying carried on all the way though middle school. People were even refusing to sit next me because they didn't wanna sit next to a 'transgender' I wasn't I am a girl and always have been.  

In High school I finally realised that people had bullied me since I was younger. It was hard to except that I only had about 5 friends and that everyone else talked about me behind my back. Everything got a lot worse. I weighed 8st and was 5ft5". Yet people called me fat, a pig and a tree. At this point I was obsessed with what people thought of me and what they were saying. I stopped eating for days at a time. My weight dropped to 6st at one point. I started self harming just before my 13th birthday. I remember when my best friend found out she came to school the next day with cuts on her wrist. She kept self harming and only stopped 2 months ago. My mum found out I was self harming and phoned the school up. They spoke to me about the bullying and they helped me.I even started to gain weight and became a healthy weight again but the urge to cut was never gone however I did stop for months at a time. Everything was fine until 5 months ago when my friends started commenting on my eating saying I never stop eating and that I was getting fat. I starting dieting and lost a 1st in 2 months. I didn't stop there I starting to throw up my meals. Stuff got worse and worse. I became suicidal and my self harming got really bad. My friends still comment on my weight saying i'm fat even though I am now 7st and 5ft7". One of my friends have been trying to help me and see even got me to keep my meals down. 

I am getting help through the school for my self harm and the bullying has stopped. That is the past 14 years of my life with a couple of details missing like how my best friend no longer hangs around with me because apparently everyone I hang around with starts to self harm and she avoids me in P.E because I'm a lesbian. But that is not important right? Okay it kills me that she hates me now.

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