The Memories & Childhood Of Ryan Cooke

My Name is Ryan Cooke and I'm going to tell a story about how things were in my memories and childhood and how different those things were at that time.

Once Upon A Time there was a school a school with a lot of children I was different than other boys because I had different interests than other boys did I was a very special boy but they were problems at times they were boys that made fun of me because I always liked Celine Dion, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Regina Belle, Vanessa Williams, Trisha Yearwood, Paula Abdul, Faith Hill, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child, the song Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid, the song A Whole New World from Aladdin, songs by Monica and Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow, The songs that Belle sings in Beauty And The Beast And Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and Princess Aurora's songs I Wonder and Once Upon A Dream and the reprise of Part Of Your World and the songs that Snow White sings in the Disney movie and I always liked Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and Sheena Easton, there were boys that made fun of me because I like that kind of music and I said "Please Stop, Please Stop" and sometimes they kept going on and on and I said "Stop it or I'll Snap" and they kept making fun of me and all the sudden I said "Stop it" at the top of my lungs and it was so loud and then the next day that one bully was making fun of me who was hanging out with the other bullies he kept making fun of me so I had enough and I knocked him down and made him cry and he cried all the way home and the other bullies punched me in the face and punched in the stomach and I turned around I punched them in the face and those boys deserved it because when they hit me that day I hit them back for self-defense and I was mean in those days when those boys were still standing I held my fists up yelling out "DO YOU WANT SOME MORE" and when closed fists were up those boys ran away like a bunch of cowards and they were crying like babies.

When Days Past On I met a girl named Danielle Thomas A.K.A. Dani and Dani was a nice girl when I first met her and things were different and Dani was on the trampoline like a good girl jumping on the trampoline and I was waiting to have a turn really nicely really nicely and then all of the sudden turns were coming and I was gonna have a turn on the trampoline and my teacher Miss Burgin was watching and on that day I walked close to the trampoline  and told Dani that it's my turn to go on the trampoline now and at the time I didn't know better and I couldn't control my own strength and when Dani was on the trampoline I pushed her off the trampoline and she started crying and she cried for a while and Miss Burgin got mad and sat me down into a chair and slammed my head into a desk and she held me down and I couldn't get up for a while and she started counting to ten "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten" she counted and then she said "You don't push your friends" while she was holding me down and then I got up and I pushed her and her hair flapped and then she slammed my head into the desk again and started counting ten and then said "You Don't Push Your Teachers" and there was also times where I hit Miss Burgin and kicked her and she said "You don't do that to your teachers" and it was same thing at times when I bit her and the days did get better at those times when they stopped and a day later Dani was on the listening center like a good girl and then a few minutes at the time I was ready to have a turn and I saw Dani was there and I walked up to the listening center and I pushed her into a metal bookcase and it also knocked her to the floor and she started crying and Miss Burgin got mad and she slammed my head into a desk again and started counting to ten again and when Miss Burgin was done with that routine of the desk I pushed her again and her blonde curly hair flapped again and she slammed my head into that same desk again and then on these days about those situations about the trampoline and the listening center I told Dani that I was sorry twice and that children should know that they should not push other children and they should not push adults, hit adults, kicking adults and bite adults and children should not do those things and then days past at the time when I took off a doll's head Dani was mad at me and she just stared at me and she stared at me like why did I do that and I didn't know better at time and that was her Barbie doll and I got myself in time-out and Miss Burgin was gonna have me held at the desk and I screamed and all of the sudden I spat at her and when I was spitting at her and hitting her, her and Mrs. DeLisle handled the situation and they slammed my head into the desk and I just had my head put down for a while and then the situation and things got better.

1 Year Later I met a nice boy named Tyler he had blonde hair and blue eyes and he always wore glasses and I became his friend because he didn't have any friends because he was getting teased and bullied and bullies were calling him "Four Eyes" every day and I told the bullies to stop every day and the bullies said "MAKE US" and I told them to leave Tyler alone and the one bully called me a brown hair blue eyed idiot and I didn't like that and what I did that bully I slapped him so hard in his face and the bully said "DON'T EVER HIT ME" and the bully grabbed my hair, twisted it and pulled it and I was saying "OWWWWWWWWWW LET GO OWWWWWWWWWWW LET GO" and the bully said "NO" and the bully kept pulling my hair and I slapped the bully in the face to make him let go of my hair and every slap, slap, slap and he said "STOP HITTING ME, STOP HITTING ME" and that bully kept pulling my hair and I punched the bully in the face to get him off and I hit him this time with a closed fist three times and he was still pulling my hair and I punched him in the face again and it knocked him to the ground and he was laying on the ground crying and I came up to that crying and yelled out "DO YOU WANNA FIGHT? DO YOU WANNA FIGHT WITH ME PUNK? NOW THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT" and that was because I was defending myself and my friend Tyler and the bully was crying and just ran home crying to his mommy with black & blue marks on his face and the black and blue marks were from me and Tyler said "Thanks for standing up to me and sticking up for me" and I said "No Problem" "I'm Tyler" he said "Hi Tyler I'm Ryan nice to meet you" and he said "Nice to meet you too Ryan" and me and Tyler became good friends.

The Next Day the bully was at it again but he could not pick on Tyler because I'm Tyler's friend and the bully was gonna pull my hair again and I stopped the bully and grabbed his arm and the bully said "LET GO OF MY ARM" and I said "OK" and went "GRRRRR" while I threw him into the ground and he was laying on the ground and I kicked him while he was laying on the ground "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" the bully screamed while I was kicking him and then I kicked the bully again and kicking of the bully continued and the bully was screaming in pain and when the kicking stopped he just laying on the ground and then when the bully went home the bully was bruised up like the bully was before and the bully had black and blue marks on his legs and his arms and his stomach and his chest and it was me defending myself and my friend Tyler and me and Tyler were hanging out and the bully went home to his mother.

The Next Day I was waiting for the bully to come the door to find me and my friend and I was standing on the door and the bully had a shock and the bully was gasping and the bully gasped and I told the bully "You Will Stop Picking On My Friend Tyler" and the bully said "No" and I said "If you don't stop I'm going to make you stop" "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" said the bully in fear in a whiny voice and I put hand to his mouth and slammed him into a wall and said "YOU ARE A PUNK A  BULLY FOR PICKING ON MY FRIEND" and I slammed him into another wall with my hand covering his mouth and said "IF I CAN'T STOP YOU SOMEBODY WILL" and I threw him to the floor and attacked him by putting my arm around his neck when he was sitting on the floor and when the bully got shoved into walls and to the floor and my arm around the bully's neck choking the bully was me defending my friend and I choked the bully with my bare hands and then I pinned him down and shaking him and banging him up and down and the bully's friend witnessed the attack and tried to stop me and the bully's friend grabbed my hair and pulled it and said "NO, STOP IT, NO, STOP, STOP THAT, KNOCK IT OFF, STOP NO" and put hand into my eyes and tried to pull me off while the bully laying on the floor tried to get me off and the bully's friend to pull me off and I turned around to him and I put hand up and pushed him out of the way and pushed him off of my face and pushed him to the floor and he was knocked to the floor and he was laying down on the floor crying after I went "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" while I pushed him down and the bully that was trying to get me off him that was getting attacked scratched my arm and my hand and scratched my other arm and hand and the bully and his friend both up from the floor and the bully was hugging his friend while he was crying and they escaped and had an escape plan and escaped from the building and the bully told his mother about what happened and things got better afterwards.

When Days Past I met a boy named Ian Chernoff he was a bully to me when I first met him and in the boys' bathroom he pushed me into a wall and I was crying for a while and I was mad at him and Mrs. Delfine put him in time-out and I thought that someday I was gonna get him back soon and on that years ago he did a very bad terrible purpose and then when the years have all past I got him back when we were in high school and at times he called me "Stupid" and he called me "Fat" and so I called him "Ian Noisy Loud Chernoff" which wasn't very nice and my general ed friends called him "Baby Ian Chernoff" and they punched him in the face every day and the abuse was a persistent routine and poor Ian used to cry every day in High School and then when my senior came I stopped bullying and when High School was over I graduated and I had my Diploma and bullying never happened before graduation and after graduation and those days bullying was finally over and the past is in the past.

Now I go to post-secondary a program for adults with autism and me and Dani are working together we are getting along now and things are getting a lot better and sometimes she gives flashbacks of the past and at times she brought up the time I drew on her Yu-Gi-Oh picture in grade school when I drew the bird on Yugi's head and that time when she stared at me and I told her that it's in the past and it's over with and at times she gave flashbacks about the trampoline, the listening center and the bookcase but I tell her that it was a long time ago and it has nothing to do with now and things got better and I'm having a better life now and things are getting better and every since the past is over it's been forgotten and me and Dani are starting do things together now and things are better now and things finally got better and always let children know that bullying is wrong and bullying is not cool and it's not the answer and bullying causes too much problems and always stand up to people and treat others the way they want to be treated and treat others with respect and they should respect themselves and others and respect is always good and things will become better.



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