The Man Next Door

I am currently the target of bullying and I am a grown woman.  It wasn't something I really ever gave much thought to, especially adult on adult bullying, until it happened to me, and is STILL happening.  It is heart breaking, reputation destroying and has ruined our neighborhood for us.  If I and my husband can feel so trapped and helpless, how much moreso for a child?

It all started with a new neighbor that moved next door.  For six years (approx.) my husband and I had lived mostly drama free in our home.  Then this man moved in with the lady who had not long before moved in and between the two of them and their kids, I believed they were the answer to a much prayed heart's desire of mine.  He was so nice and went way out of the way to be helpful but then he started doing things that were just off.  Things normal people just don't do.  One day, he slipped out of sight to listen in on a conversation I was having in my driveway and part of that conversation was about him and the things he was doing any my thoughts on that matter.  From that point on, he turned like a rabid dog and began slinging around rumors about me that grew and grew and have, last I have heard, made me out to be the neighborhood slut looking to have sex with any and all males that will with me.  

My husband was next on his radar (though not nearly as defaming as what has been said of me) after he took some of these tales to my husband (no doubt trying to cause major problems in my marriage) and my husband stood against them knowing my character.

This situation has been one of the hardest trials our family has been through.  While we all need to stand up against bullying of our children, we also need to realize that it happens to adults to.  There are neighbors that do not believe his tales but not one of them have said anything in our defense.  Adults need to speak up for the innocent and stop letting bullies ruin lives and run people away from the places that should be safe. 

By writing some words below, you are showing your support and letting everyone know they're not alone.

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