The Hidden Secrets

All my life I've been bullied. Since I was 5 years old I've been looked down on. I had an abusive violent brother, teachers telling my parents I was insane, fellow students beating me and verbally/emotionally bullying me. It's caused depression, anxiety, not being able to eat or sleep, self-harm, it stopped me from getting an education.  In more recent years it's been worse. I'm 14 and I was recently bullied for months on end by one single guy. He'd tell me i'm worthless, ugly, disgusting. He'd tell me to just kill myself because I wasn't worth being alive. He threatened to kill me because he hated me so much. Told me he wanted me to have to watch my family be raped and tortured.

This was all because I'm considered different. I'm gay, my mothers gay, I dress different, I'm opinionated and that's thought of as wrong. If I'm happy or in a good mood I am scrutinized and called weird or a nutcase.


No one knew what was going through my head, how I felt numb, that I couldn't feel anything anymore, how I wanted to die but I didn't want to hurt anybody. I didn't want to move, or say anything, and the times I did- it was only to break something. 

It reached the point where I had a breakdown. 

When my mother found out she called the school, arranged a meeting, constantly called to get this kid sorted out. Said he should be expelled. But all he got was a serious talking to.

You NEED to make a change. If you see a kid getting picked on, SAY SOMETHING, just try your best to help!

Us kids who suffer from bullying, we really need the help.


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