The Hearing Aid Kid's Story

The hearing aid kid is me.

 So, this story's gonna start out pretty casually. I was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma to a military family. I was raised primarily in Oklahoma before we had to move to Kentucky when I was 4 years old. We moved to Fort Knox, and I was put into preschool, and then Kindergarten. Just so you know, Kindergarten is the grade that everything went down. I began walking around, "ignoring" the teacher when she says to sit down, not doing assignments, not following the rules, etc. Something told my mother that I needed a hearing test, and I ended up getting one and they found out I have reverse slope hearing loss- a type of hearing loss where I lose my lower frequencies. I was fitted with (cool) hearing aids, and I went on up to first grade. However, in first grade, this is where everything started. A kid named Michael began mocking me for my (rather large) hearing aids, glasses, and love of paleontology. This escalated and quickly led to all-out brawls and my friends turning on me.

  As they do say, your past can shape your future. I moved on up to second grade, where the bullying stopped temporarily and my family moved to Vail, Arizona. There, I attended school and.. well, was bullied because of my hearing aids. I had a few friends of course, but they did nothing to stop the bullies, who mocked me (and gave me my preferred name, "Cyborg"), teased me, pushed me around- all right in front of the teachers, who did nothing to stop it. This went on all the way to 4th grade- where I attempted to be the class clown, but got shoved down to the bottom by the bullies. Eventually, I moved schools, and I was happy. I had tons of friends, good grades and- then another bully popped up, and stole my best friend, and proceeded to mock me for my weight (I eat when I'm bored and sad), glasses, and hearing aids.

  After the drama in Arizona, my family moved to Florida. Of course, the bullying ALWAYS gets worse here. I was put into 5th grade at an elementary school where I learned of the daily drama going on. During my time in Florida, my dad had to deploy to Afghanistan, giving me the feeling that I was alone and isolated. My dad kept me sane and kept me going, as did my mother, but when I lost that, I fell apart. I occasionally got frustrated and broke down into tears, which of course I got bullied for, and would ask if I could be left alone. I only had a couple of friends there, but they were good ones. However, their lack of attempting to stop them DISTURBED ME... (sorry for the reference)

  Eventually, I graduated Elementary and I was moved to Middle School. However, I did not go to a public school- rather, I went to a small private school. There, I got friends, made fiends, and eventually came out as the "cool kid". However, I did not bully anybody, but I jokingly called them a mock name or two. (Note: Literally everybody was my friend. There was only 60 kids in that school.) I graduated 6th grade, interested in space, NASA, and a mission to Mars. But I was moved to another school. (*gunshot*)

  Of course, I was moved directly into what I call "Hell", which is also known as 7th grade. There, I learned of all of the recent memes (eg. Deez Nuts, What are Those, John Cena, and Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf). Of course I had no idea what those were, but I went with the wind and tried to be myself. However, myself talks a lot, talks loudly, jokes a lot, and won't shut up, so nobody likes me, and nobody likes the way I look either. So I get bullied for those reasons, forcing me to attempt (ATTEMPT) to be someone else, which I ultimately failed. My depression caught up to me, leading to horrific thoughts and images displayed in my mind, accompanied with low self esteem and staring-into-space sessions. As the depression deteriorated, it eventually stopped when I made friends with the best friends ever, and I fought back the bullies and started a group project; the United Children for a Brighter Future (UCBF), a group dedicated to well.. a brighter future for all of us. We plan on starting Operation Blood Moon soon, which is an anti-bullying movement that will (hopefully) inspire others to do the same at their schools.

  See, even if you think that you have it bad, it will eventually subside. Don't despair- it will be all over soon, and you can proceed on to your goals, and achieve whatever it is that you desire to do. You can trust me and your friends, and if not your friends, your parents, teachers. You can talk to anybody about the bully, and they will tell a superior about that bully and they will make the bully stop. So please- don't worry. If you are being bullied, just tell them to stop, or tell a superior.

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