The Girl That Could.


Hi, I'm Sarah! 

I'm 14 and this is my story.

At the age of 6 I moved, I went to the same school but on a different bus.

There I sat beside a girl and well she wasn't so nice.. Almost every day for 2 years, she'd hit me or tease me. Until I was moved. I sat with this kid she seemed nice that was until she started calling me names, nudging me, taking my things saying " You don't deserve them". I could take the names and the nudging but taking my things made me upset, to the point where I was scared to take the bus. Fast Forward about 3 years from then an Instagram user commented on one of my pictures telling me to grow up. Thinking this person might have been having a bad day I asked them politely to stop. For the next couple of days, this person wouldn't stop ragging on me. Because of this I started being really mean to my Best Friend I'd fight with her about everything and never take the blame. As this continued I got sadder, you could say I was depressed. Even though I was being a bully myself. This sadness stuck around for a bit along with a lot of nights where I got very little sleep. Then one night it hit me..  " I can do something about this." 

Today I turn any negativity into motavation to be 10x nicer. I know my story is not the worst of the worst and I'm still young but I hope it serves as a reminder that the things we say or do can lead someone onto a dark path, that isnt always easy to get off of.

Stay Kind! 

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