The effects of being bullied

I was bullied my entire life, until I finally left my ex-husband. It started with my sister who is 8 years older than me, she hated me and took every chance to make me feel unwanted and unloved, hence I was shy and afraid, I am a redhead, in school I was constantly bullied about my hair, in Hebrew school I was told that I couldn't be Jewish because I had red hair. My dad had cancer and was dying in the 60's there was no help for cancer patients, I wouldn't go to him for help, my mom well basically I was told to deal with it because she had to work and take care of my dad. My sister had never let up on me, even when my dad died. I felt useless, helpless, hating who I was. Until I hit my teens, I met a guy fell in love and married, things were fine until I put him through college, I then wasn't good enough for him, he became verbally abusive, I had 2 children and no where to go, I stayed 37 years, when my son (who has his own family) insisted I move across the country and live with him. I divorced my husband of 37 years and met someone who is my rock, encouraging me,telling me even when I look my worst, how beautiful I am, I am starting to believe him. trying to talk me into finishing college, I have a math disability called discalculia and can't pass the classes to get a degree. My wonderful man stands by me, as well as my son,daughter-in-law, my daughter, all look for ways to help me do something other than the job I have now. I have gotten hurt at work and can't work for the time being, I drive a school bus, that has video and audio, the whole school district does. I have stopped bulling from happening and the parents of the the bullies who said their child wasn't a bully were shocked to see and hear what their had done. 

To this day I have a hard time believing in myself, (I am almost 60) I have the support I didn't have when I was younger.

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