The Bullies

Hi my name is Malia Alley, Im 15, 16 in 6 days November 23, I go to Konawaena High School in 10th grade and this is my bully story.

I used to go to Kealakehe Middle School. It was nice at first but 3 weeks later it got worse. Some other students would call me names like Slut, Whore, White Trash, Cunt, Stupid Emo Slut, or The Queen Of Emo Sluts because I'm emo and listen to all kind of rock bands and make fun of me because I am either Autistic I have Aspergers, ADHD and other things.

Over the days it got worse from pulling my hair, tripping me, pushing me into the walls, and pinching me to pulling me into the bathroom and beat me badly, so I self-harm and tried suicide many times because of it. It got more worse and worse the beatings and went all the way to 9th grade. nobody knew what was going on with my life so I am anti-social i talk to noone but my best friends Kamalei, Mason, Ryan, Harmony, Carollyn, Taniella,  Kamomi, Sierra, and Alika they know my full stories, they try to help me but nothing ever helps no matter what they try. It hurts when they beat me, but it does not hurt when i self harm. My suicide attempts were all because of them. My first one was because of my ex-step father toby when he came home drunk and would leave my sister guys alone but would beat me so then I tried but got stopped my kamomi. my other ones were because of middle school but got stopped by kamomi, carollyn, and Taniella. My last one was last year when I was home alone and tried. But now Im better since I came to Konawaena High School everyone is so nice to me and thats when I met Kamalei and Mason they are so nice to me.

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