The Book

    Hi, my name is Leah. Most people think I'm just a shy little girl who hates school. But I'm not. It all started in 4th grade in a pokemon book. My "friends" were sitting in front of me on the bus after the book fair that day and they were writing stuff like "who I like, who I hate who is my best friend" etc. Then it came to "who I want to murder." I didn't know who they were going to write until I saw my name, written down, in that book, under that column. I started to tear up, I couldn't belive they would write such a thing. I thought we were friends, they always came to my house after school to play. Or maybe it was because I was the only one in the whole park who even had a playground. They had also said that we couldn't be friends in school because it would "hurt there ego." When we got off the bus I told my mom and she told one of there dads, but he didn't care.

    My mom wrote a letter to the principal saying that we couldn't be near each other in school. The principal called my teacher, Joe (who the book belonged to)and me down to his office. Joe dinied that he even had the book. The principal said that it was a big deal and that if we were in high school it would have been taken to the police. He also said that he would call in the other people on the bus who where Joe's friends. I told him that they would lie, but he ashured me that they wouldn't. Then he told me and my teacher that we could leave. The next day the principal called me down again and told me that Joe finally admitted that he wrote it and that he was transferred to an other school.

    A few months later I took a shower in the morning before school rather than the night before. At school when I was washing my hands in the bathroom two girls named Petrina and Megan walked in. My hair was still wet from the shower. Petrina asked my if I dipped my head in a puddle. Megan asked me if I washed my hair in the sink. I told them that I didn't and walked away.

    The next year I moved and had to switch schools. I thought things would get better and that I could start fresh. But apperentally I moved to the same school that Joe tranfered to. Things from there just got worse. In the first few weeks it was fine. then there was a fight on the bus and people were saying stuff like " why did you move here" and "go home." They talked about me behind my back on the lunch line when I was right next to them. Then someone wrote a letter to my teacher about me getting bullied. Soon it stopped again but it wasn't over.

    For my birthday I got a snackeez and I use it all the time. Today two girls who think they are popular said that snackeez is for losers and people who drink lots of water and are fat.

    I only just turned 11 but I  try to help other kids get passed bullying and to keep hope. Now i'm the one who writes letters to peoples teachers to help them to know that someone else cares. I don't just stand by and  watch I tell an adult.


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