The Actress

I've been bullied a lot. It all started when i was in the 5th and 6th grade a lot of girls would make fun of me because of the way i dressed. I was nerdy, had no make up on, and (of course) hung out with guys. At one point i cut my self because i was so sad and mad. When my mom found out we had a long and boring chat after that i was OK. After our chat i ignored the "Ghetto ones". In 7th grade i had a huge crush on this guy (<3) but one of my "friends" liked him so she "took" him. That year was one of the worst years of my life. My parents divorced and people hated me. Not to mention this 7 foot 2  teacher that was always breathing down my neck (Mrs.M)  I didn't tell anyone because i felt no one would listen. In 8th grade i went into Pre-AP classes but the girls there were even more judgmental. One good thing came out of all of it though...I met my best friend Joshua. From there we sorta helped each other through everything. As usual i hung out with boys, but this time they called me a whore and a slut. I felt so alone. Any who by the end of the year I stood up for myself and brought more theater, music, and Josh in my life and now i'm doing OK. I'm going into high school this year and I WILL stand up for anyone and everyone. I don't wan't anyone to go through what i had to deal with. I WONT ALLOW IT!

Quote of the day:

"Sometimes i think i'm a queen because whenever i turn a corner                   someone new is talking about me.

- Sarah Cruz

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