Ten Years Too Long

I was bullied for 10 years from Kindergarten through ninth grade.  The worst of it came during junior high or seventh through ninth grade.  It got to the point to where I nearly dropped out of school.  I was kicked, punched, called names, made fun of, followed home, and pestered harshly on the bus.  I had thoughts of fighting back through bringing a gun to school.  This was a good 16 years before Columbine.  The difference was I didn't want to cross the line from thought to action.

I have clinical depression today because of this.  Now, we have technology today where bullying can happen almost anonymously without facing the victim!  My children have also suffered from bullying.  Most times, I either never knew about it or when I did know, was too introverted from my own experiences to press the school to do something about it.  I have worked with the school to try to give my children a better life though.

With these poor children committing suicide or causing harm against others, as a former bullying victim and parent, I would like more states to not only have an anti-bullying law, but perhaps have a law that makes the bully/bully's parents responsible if the victim dies or causes harm against his/her classmates!  With this type of legislation, the bullies would be deterred to commit harmful acts against others because they might be prosecuted because of it!

Those ten years were ten years too long.  I'm a happily married father today with three children.  I try to get beyond my own experiences of being bullied with therapy and talking to others about it.  I just hope that this message can get to others and let them know that this is not the end of the world!  My love goes out to all!

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