The BULLY Project Minnesota Conference Call


Across the country, The BULLY Project has been organizing volunteer and activists networks in communities large and small, using BULLY and The BULLY Project educational resources to create positive schools. Now it is our turn to get involved and take a stand once and for all!

Please RSVP below for the first ever BULLY Project Minnesota Conference Call on March 13th at 6pm CT! 


My Name is Vickie Armstrong. When my daughter entered 8th grade at our Local Jr. High, she began the year like normal. Seemed like all was good. Then we kind of noticed her grades were going down hill and attitude had started to change. She stayed in her room alot and was very quiet. We talked and she had told us that she was being bullied at school by girls and boys, evensexually assaulted by a group of boys. My Husband and I went to the school and called the local Police. But nothing was really being done about it.

At that point we told each other there is no way we are going to just let this go, so we went back to the school and demanded something be done. We tried everything. Still nothing. So this year so she would not have to deal with those bullies and the stuff at that school we switched her schools and her grades went up and attitude changed and she is really loving life.

With the experiences my daughter endured, I will do whatever I can to get the word out in our state. I know I am not alone in this struggle! That is why I have decided to help the Bully Project start something here in our state of Minnesota.

We need folks to help us lead across our state in a variety of roles. They include: 

  • Regional State Leader 
  • Event Volunteer
  • Outreach Volunteer
  • Social Media Manager 

To apply for a volunteer position with The BULLY Project Minnesota, click here! 

March 13, 2014 at 6:00pm - 7pm

Will you come?

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