Take a stand for equality...

All throughout middle school and elementary I would be bullied for being, as the bullies would say, "ugly, disgusting, a loser, an outcast, a person no one liked, etc". That would be everyday at school. I never told anybody because I felt weak and was embarrassed that I was the one who got bullied.

As if that wasn't enough, people found out I was bisexual. I've always known I wasn't normal or straight. I've always liked both boys and girls. But one day, it finally leaked out and I didn't deny it, because I thought it was fine and this well known girl did it too. I was so wrong.

This girl started it all. She had spread rumors of me liking several girls and how me being a bisexual was socially horrific. She bullied me everyday in school, out of school, online, and through texts and calls. I became so depressed and thought of suicide daily. I cut myself and once tried to kill myself by taking pills and going to sleep, I woke up the next day completely fine. No one knew I did tho. I was really good at keeping my feelings and everything that was happening inside me and hidden.

But one day I stood up for myself when no one ever did and I was sick of it. I stood up for me being bisexual, for me not being normal, for every other person who was being bullied for not being straight. I was done, I had to stop it. So I did.

I got into a big fight with the girl, we didn't get physical tho. But needless to say, I don;t get bullied anymore. I helped myself, and now I help others when I see someone getting bullied. Sometimes it just takes one person to take a stand and sometimes it just takes YOU. Stand up for something, or you'll fall for everything. Things get better.


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